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Green Dog Cookie Co.

Hi, welcome to the Green Dog Cookie Co. dog page, and my online home! I'm Crunch and I have two real dog siblings Maggie Tyler. The Green Dog Cookie Co. was created out of a love for my dog siblings after we found out Tyler had food allergies. We're happy you're here to see us!

You're here because you love your dog; and you know how much they love our dog cookies! I believe that very good dogs deserve very good cookies and Green Dog Cookie Co. cookies are our favorite cookies ever! All of our cookies are homemade with certified organic ingredients, free from all preservatives, chemicals, sugar, salt and fillers. You know all that junkie stuff you don't want to eat either.

Our mom is really big into eating healthy and exercising. If it's good for her, she figured it'd be good for us too. When she looked at the ingredients in the treats she was feeding Maggie Tyler, she realized that they were full of preservatives and chemicals – definitely not healthy for us. She loves us so much that she created a recipe that had a lot of healthy all natural ingredients in it. Go ahead try one!

I knew Tyler would like them right away, he loves any kind of fruits and veggies you can imagine – but not Maggie! She is a junk food dog! Low and behold, the cookies came out of the oven, and we ALL loved them! Mom tried out the cookies on all the neighborhood dogs, and it was unanimous – four paws up, and the Green Dog Cookie Co. was born!

I know you love your dog enough to give them the best; and giving them our cookies proves it!

You're dog will love ‘em; I know I do!